Hello! Thank you for checking out the docs of fig.js - the JavaScript UI framework which is going to solve all of your life's problems!


Fig.js (henceforth referred to as fig) is a component-based, experimental MVC framework powered by pug templates and a minimalistic API. Also includes a verbose logger and a nice interface to interact with other DOM libraries.


The main goal of this project was to provide an abstraction layer to bring pug.js into the world of dynamic client-side rendered content, with a sweet side effect of gathering more knowledge throughout the process.


In order to reduce the potential weight of the library, pug is used server-side to compile the markup into pure JavaScript functions that spit out HTML, which are sent to the client. Unfortunately, that doesn't make fig the most plug-and-play framework out there, although we believe it is still a fair trade-off between its size and its simplicity.


Due to time constraints, fig is targeted towards only the most modern of browsers. It is not guaranteed to work properly on older browsers, or even at all.


I'm just a random guy from the internet creating more random open-source tools and libraries, you can checkout my website for more incredibly exciting information. Anyways, let's move on to the next section!