If you're reading this, first off all - thank you very much for getting this far, it really means a lot to me.

Fig.js is a project I've spent most of my recent free time on, working on it for a few hours almost everyday for the past three/four months. It was by far my biggest project I've worked on (almost) alone.

It was a huge learning experience for me, not only in regards of pure coding, but also in managing time efficiently, learning how to focus on the important things, and how not to get distracted by how that one damn button styling looks like.

Fig was heavily inspired by choo, vue, riot and many others, the names of which I can't remember now.

Please remember that this software is still in early development, so there are some bugs waiting to be squashed! You can submit PRs on GitHub (see how to contribute in the readme), submit an issue with some steps of reproducing, or simply point me in the right direction - I'll try my best to fix it asap!

That's it, bai! :]